News for Industry

Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics Prepares to Open ‘Cleanroom’ Facility (Kenosha News)


(Madison, WI) Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics announced their opening of a $21 million “cleanroom” to manufacture stem cells for human clinical trials.

GenCure Announces Breakthrough First Run of 80-Liter Bioreactor (GlobeNews Wire)


(San Antonio, TX) GenCure’s bio manufacturing team announced a successful production run where human mesenchymal stem cells were expanded in an 80 Liter bioreactor.  This type of scalability will help many patients going forward.

California’s Stem Cell Program Faces an Existential Moment — And a Chance for Reform (Los Angeles Times)

(San Francisco, CA) The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine “CIRM” is gearing up for another multibillion-dollar bond raise.  President and CEO Maria Millan, MD states that CIRM continues “… to play an extremely important role of boldly investigating early and de-risking these…” stem cell therapy protocols.

False Medical Advertising (WNG)

(New York City, NY) The New York State Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit against a Park Avenue stem cell facility for misrepresenting scientific justification of their regenerative medicine procedures.


Evaluation of Devices Used with Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapies (FDA)


(Silver Spring, MD) The FDA released a second guidance document which details a range of medical devices that may be used in conjunction with regenerative medicine advanced therapies (RMAT).

Infections After Receipt of Bacterially Contaminated Umbilical Cord Blood–Derived Stem Cell Products for Other Than Hematopoietic or Immunologic Reconstitution (CDC)


(Washington, DC) The CDC analyzes 12 cases of bacterially contaminated umbilical cord stem cells and examines unopened vials, all from the same manufacturer.

New Gene Editing Tool Drives Stem Cell Services And Discovery


(Madison, WI) Stem cell scientists at UW-Madison are utilizing a new gene editing technology to increase the demand for regenerative medicine discovery and services.

Cancer Stem Cells Market 2018-2023: Global Market Report with Manufacturers, Regions, Trends, Challenges, and Forecast (IDA Report)


(Alexandria, VA) A global analysis of the cancer stem cell market including manufacturing, challenges, trends or and forecasts.

This Matrix Delivers Healing Stem Cells To Injured Elderly Muscles (Science Daily)


(Atlanta, GA) A new hydrogel delivery system shows promise in delivering stem cells to regenerate injured elderly muscles, and may help in the treatment of muscular dystrophy.