About Us

Who We Are

Stem Cell Reference is an independent portal and clearinghouse for accurate scientific and clinical information about stem cells and regenerative medicine. The purpose of this site is to provide patients, physicians, researchers and industry with current peer-reviewed data, discoveries and practices involving this new field of cellular medicine.

Our Open Access Philosophy

shutterstock_196659908 The philosophy of Stem Cell Reference is open access. There is no charge for visitors and no registration process required. Content includes discoveries in research, breakthroughs in clinical practice, and advances in industry. Also included are concepts based on principles which will serve to facilitate research, development and collaboration.

While many industry giants require the protection of intellectual property rights, ultimately all interests will best be served by a central clearinghouse for information about regenerative medicine that is not restrained or influenced by proprietary considerations.

Through this website, patients have full and unrestricted access to user-friendly listings of all approved clinical trials worldwide. Stem cell centers are listed, as well as specific details regarding research and treatment protocols. These listings are included after thorough peer review and approval.

stem cell open accessFor physicians, this website provides basic information for the stem cell novice and advanced clinical and scientific information for those already working in the field of regenerative medicine. Stem cell treatments will ultimately be a part of every medical specialty. Educational symposiums and other stem cell meetings geared specifically for healthcare professionals are highlighted.

Research about stem cell medicine is moving at such a fast pace and occurring across so many disciplines that it needs to be amalgamated in one place in order to enhance collaboration and the creative exchange of ideas. The philosophy of Stem Cell Reference is to share all information in an open format that encourages the exploration of new ideas and the sharing of practices, protocols and new discoveries.

For industry, Stem Cell Reference compiles and presents information about the profusion of companies that are bringing to market regenerative medicine products and devices, including therapeutic stem cell lines, research gear and equipment useful for clinical applications.

It is our hope that the data compiled and information exchanged here will accelerate the safety and efficacy of stem cell treatments, and will ultimately serve as pillars in the foundation of the practice of regenerative medicine.