FAQs for Researchers

Where Can I Find A List Of Upcoming Stem Cell Meetings?

This portal, the Internet and peer-reviewed medical/scientific journals are a good source for upcoming meetings related to stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Where Can I Find Funding For Stem Cell Research?

Government agencies and private industry are funding many stem cell related research projects. The NIH is a federal source for stem cell research funding. In California, CIRM (the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine) administers grants for stem cell research. A list of approved stem cell treatments being performed in the United States and their sponsors can be found at www.clinical trials.gov.

Where Can I Purchase Stem Cell Laboratory Equipment?

This portal, the Internet and tradeshows are the good sources for vendors who sell and distribute stem cell laboratory equipment. See Industry section.

Where Can I Learn About Shipping And Laboratory Processing Of Stem Cells?

Clinical trials and existing IRBs detail techniques for transport and laboratory processing of stem cells. Tradeshows related to stem cell bioscience and human tissue processing are also a great resource for laboratory protocols and technique. This portal lists several companies that specialize in the processing and storage of stem cells. See Industry Section.

Is Tissue Engineering A Major Part Of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine?

Yes, there are many different stem cell applications that include tissue engineering encompassing in-vivo, in-vitro and ex-vivo models.