News for Doctors

Are Stem Cells The Future Of Stroke Treatment? (Forbes)


(Portland, OR) While the regulatory pathways to treat strokes with stem cells are complex, studies are underway to determine how best to treat these conditions. Regenerative medicine may be a cure for this untreatable condition.


Scientists Print First 3D Heart Using Patient’s Biological Materials (Science Daily)

(Tel Aviv, Israel) Scientists at Tel Aviv University in Israel have successfully created a perfectly matched heart using a combination of 3-D printing and stem cells from fat tissue.

Expedited Programs for Regenerative Medicine Therapies for Serious Conditions (FDA)


(Silver Spring, MD) The FDA provides a recent guidance document on the use of expedited development programs for regenerative medicine advanced therapies (RMAT).


12 People Hospitalized With Infections From Stem Cell Shots (The New York Times)


(San Diego, CA) The FDA reports that 12 patients were hospitalized with serious infections related to umbilical cord stem cell injections.

Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill Using Stem Cells To Help Heal From Injuries


(Miami, FL) Miami Dolphins QB is storing and using his own stem cells to heal from sports injuries and improve his overall quality of life.

Trump Signs ‘Right to Try Act’ Aimed at Helping Terminally Ill Patients Seek Drug Treatments (CNN)


(Alexandria, VA) President Donald Trump signs the “Right to Try Act” which will allow terminally ill patients access stem cell  treatments that are yet to be fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

This Matrix Delivers Healing Stem Cells To Injured Elderly Muscles (Science Daily)


(Atlanta, GA) A new hydrogel delivery system shows promise in delivering stem cells to regenerate injured elderly muscles, and may help in the treatment of muscular dystrophy.

Stem Cells May Reverse Premature Menopause (Clinical Endocrinology News)


(Chicago, IL) A professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago reported 2 cases where autologous mesenchymal stem cells may have reversed premature menopause.

Department of Justice Files Complaints Against Florida and California Companies to Stop Use of Experimental Stem Cell Drugs on Patients (DOJ)


(Washington, D.C.) The Department of Justice moves to shut down stem cell clinics in California and Florida, following complaints and patient injuries reported to the FDA.