Events for Researchers

2020, September

Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine [RESCHEDULED]

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)
September 11-13, 2020 [Rescheduled for Future Date]
Shanghai Tech University – Shanghai, China
The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), together with ShanghaiTech University and Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health Guangdong Laboratory, are pleased to announce this meeting which will highlight topics from cell fate and pluripotency to disease modeling and clinical translation of cell therapies, dissecting the role of stem cells in basic biology and therapeutics alike.

From Stem Cells to Human Development [Digital Conference]

James Briscoe, Barbara Treutlein & James Wells
September 8-11, 2020
This meeting brings together researchers working on a diverse set of questions – from early cell fate choices in the human embryo to tissue organogenesis, from genomics and epigenomics to the evolution of human traits. Despite this breadth of interests, the scientists involved are united by common challenges associated with working with human cells and tissues, and by a common goal to understand the similarities and differences between human development and that of other species.

2020, July

Nano to Macroscale Engineering in Biology & Regenerative Medicine [RESCHEDULED]

Gordon Research Conference
July 18-19, 2020 [Rescheduled for 2022]
Southern New Hampshire University – New Hampshire
This meeting will focus on the development and application of engineered matrices in advancing cell biology, tissue morphogenesis, and regenerative medicine technologies. This meeting will bring together early career trainees and investigators to network, collaborate, and expand their research programs in a collegial environment. The meeting will conclude with a career panel consisting of invited speakers from academia, industry, government, and science communication to offer “personalized” career advice for exploring/navigating diverse career paths.

Tissue Stem Cell Regulation by Autonomous & Non-Autonomous Mechanisms [RESCHEDULED]

Gordon Research Conference
July 12-17, 2020 [Rescheduled for 2022]
Ventura Beach Marriott – Ventura, CA
This conference will focus on comparative principles of adult epithelial stem cell dynamics and niche signaling in the homeostasis of different tissues. The meeting will include work on the molecular control of stem cell function from the epidermis and its appendages, intestine, lung, mammary gland, cornea, prostate, and emerging work from other epithelial tissues. For the 2020 meeting, we have built a scientific program that emphasizes key cutting edge areas in epithelial biology, including organoid techniques, imaging and single cell analysis, bioengineering, systems biology, modeling disease, DNA repair, aging, and immune regulation.

2020, June

ISSCR 2020 Virtual [Digital Conference]

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)
June 24-27, 2020
The ISSCR Annual Meeting gathers the world’s leading scientists, clinicians, business leaders, ethicists, and educators from more than 65 countries. Together, we represent the full spectrum of stem cell science and regenerative medicine. Discovery, new business, careers, advocacy, and relationships start here. The meeting will now be virtual. More details to come!

TOBI Virtual 2020: 11th Annual Orthobiologics Symposium [Digital Conference]

The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI)
June 12-13, 2020
TOBI XI is our 11th Annual gathering of orthobiologics thought-leaders from around the globe. Attending TOBI puts you on the cutting edge with the latest research and clinical pearls in orthopedic regenerative medicine. Join us to be informed and build relationships with the TOBI community of physicians, researchers and scientists on the forefront of orthopedics.

2020, May

Enabling Scientific Reproducibility with Antibodies: Validation, Standards & Technologies [Digital Conference]

May 25-29, 2020
Antibodies are widely used immuno-detection reagents in life science research. However, in recent years, the spotlight has been keenly focused on antibody reproducibility and its impact on life science research. ​This conference aims to bring together academics, industry researchers and journal editors to address the issue of reproducibility and discuss the way forward for how antibodies are validated and used.

FGF Signaling: Understanding Function and Devising Therapeutic Tools [RESCHEDULED]

Gordon Research Conference
May 10-15, 2020 [Rescheduled for 2022]
Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Via Giovanni Pascoli Lucca (Barga), IT
This conference will bring together academic scientists, clinicians and industry leaders with a common interest in FGF biology to share innovations that are impacting the field. The meeting’s sessions will span a range of topics to reflect the diverse biological functions of FGF signaling and its downstream molecular effectors. These topics include embryonic development and organogenesis, musculoskeletal biology, neurobiology, endocrinology, cancer biology, molecular signaling and structural biology. Each session will entertain presentations by both renowned leaders and colleagues new to the FGF field with particular emphasis on balanced gender and geographical representation. Peer reviewed abstracts will also be considered for platform presentations. In addition to the main scientific program, ample time is available for informal networking to maximize interaction and facilitate collaborations between the meeting participants. Altogether, the meeting provides a unique opportunity to integrate a wide-range of perspectives on FGF biology in relation to human health and disease, with a view to understanding disease mechanisms and devising new therapeutic tools.

2020, April

15th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium. The Single Cell Revolution in Stem Cells: Function from Heterogeneity [CANCELLED]

[CANCELLED] Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center
April 2020
Madison, WI
The Symposium is coordinated by the Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the BTC Institute. Emerging technologies to measure gene and protein expression in single cells are toppling dogmas in the field of stem cell biology. To describe recent advances, this symposium brings together leading researchers in single cell omics and stem cell biology. The presentations will not only highlight the approaches to evaluate gene expression and regulation, cellular metabolism, and spatial organization in single cells, but will also describe the computational tools to decipher the biology from these measurements.

2020, February

Miami Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Dermalotogy 2020

Miami Cosmetic Surgery
February 20-22, 2020
Miami Beach Convention Center-Miami Beach, FL
Miami Cosmetic Surgery will feature dynamic lectures delivered by prominent core experts at the forefront of the industry. These include the fields of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Oculoplastic Surgery and more. The event is projected to host 150 exhibiting companies with over 1,000 medical professionals in attendance, hailing from the most prominent epicenters of cosmetic surgery & aesthetic dermatology worldwide.